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There are six variables that a marketer can adjust to improve their position in their marketing campaign.

               1. Impressions

               2. Click Thru Rate or CTR%

               3. Cost Per Click or CPC

               4. Convert To Buyer or CTB

               5. Sales Price of The Product

               6. Commission Payout for The Product

I will deal with Impressions in this article and the others in upcoming articles.

Impressions are equivalent to Viewing Opportunities of a particular ad. If your ad is one of the many on the page when the Google or Yahoo search term page is shown, you have received an impression or viewing opportunity. If you want to know the total viewing opportunities available for any particular keyword phrase, do the following:

Go to the Google keyword tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and enter the word you have in mind, in my case I’m using “Food”. Fill in the captcha, and then click the “Get keyword ideas” button. You will find that “Food” has 55,600,000 global monthly searches (GMS). Searches are directly related to the number of impressions or viewing opportunities one can expect for a given keyword phrase.

You can control the number of impressions you have by carefully choosing the KeyWord group you intend to advertise with. For instance, the keyword “cold cuts” is a sub niche of the keyword “food” and its GMS is 18,100. This is a significant drop in impressions or viewing opportunities. Further, the relevance of this keyword phrase, if you are selling sliced meat, is far greater than if you were to use the word “Food”.

You can see that you have a significant degree of control as to how many impressions you might expect your ad to bring if it were on the first page of Google’s search results page.

There is some controversy as to the relevance of how many impressions one might expect if your ad is in position 1 verses position 10 on the front page. It’s my belief that regardless of where your ad appears on the search results page, if it is shown it receives an impression or viewing opportunity.

The takeaway from this article is that YOU REALLY DO have direct control of the amount of impressions or viewing opportunities your ads will get. Keep in mind that impression control also caps or controls the maximum potential cost of a particular keyword phrase.